Payout API

Automate your Cashback Payments through us- Best Payout India, Best Payout Api

Bulk Payments:

Our Instant Payment Solution gives you power to make bulk payments to vendors or to customers or consumers. You can make payments simultaneously in a bulk quantity. Through its IMPS & NEFT you can make payments to private or public banks even in gramin banks as well. Whether you want to give cash backs to your loyal customers or you want to make regular payments to your vendor, Whether you want to make a single payments or you want to make bulk payments at a time, through our single API call & all payments done in 3 seconds.

Case Study

If you are a Multi Level Marketing Company & wants to give cashbacks or Payouts to your downline, here you can use our Payout API to make these payments without hassle. 

Being a startup company, its very necessary to gain customer's trust over the application/company. Hence you must give a cashback to your loyal clients & also give them a freedom to redeem it into their account instantly. Here you can use our Fund Transfer API to make it Quick, faster & secure. Apart from this, if you want to refund any payment to the consumer, you can it this Payout API too.

If you a vendor & want to make Wage Payments, you can make IMPS or NEFT through our Payout API.
If you wanted to make payments to your vendor on regular basis, you can make it with our Bulk Payments API.