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22 Apr

Online B2B Recharge & bill payment business is very easy. Its required 3 basic needs. 1- Domain along with hosting services 2- Software/Application from which you run your business 3 - API Service provider to make recharge & bill payment. As this is a service industry you must provide a good services to your users & for the same you required a Best Recharge API Provider and that's where all got stuck. There are plenty of companies out there provides huge commissions & there are also companies where you will get lesser commission. There you have to choose your priority, weather your priority is better services or you're looking only for higher margin. Although it will take very long discussion to explain where to go & where to not(All I can say is before choosing any company, test their services first). We will discuss that later in new subject.

Domain - You can purchase domain & hosting services from any branded website like Bigrock/GoDaddy/Host Gator etc. You can purchase hosting & domain from 2 different companies as well. its not necessary to purchase both services from same website.

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Software/Application - This is a big & second most important part of your business as your business statics & ledger on depends on this only. Hence you need a good software developer.

Recharge API - To choose the Best Recharge API provider, you must choose a better one where commission will be standard & services is good. You can shortlist few companies & test services first then choose it wisely.

Alternatively, you can choose a best option as a white label. Where you don't required any technical knowledge to maintain server or do techy things. You have to simply buy a domain from any website & provide us, We will activate your services. There you can create unlimited retailers distributors under your belt. You can choose plan for them as per your desire. Be relax & do business.

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