API (Application programming Interface) is help you to make your transactions easy & convenient to end users. With its immediate response, you will get final response in few seconds. With our Simple yet powerful & secured API, you can do a millions transactions per minute. Our Mobile Recharge API integration is so simple, & what makes it simple is its single URL for multiple recharges. Recharge like Prepaid Mobile, DTH Recharges, Postpaid Bills, Electricity Bills, Water Bills, Gas Bills, Insurance Premiums & more you can do with its simple coding.

Benefits – 

  • You can do a multiple transaction within a minute (Powered up to 5000 txn per second).
  • No required to maintain separate balance for separate operators.
  • No headache of operator downtime as its maintain by imwallet(For B2C Clients).
  • API Secured with Whitelist IP’s & OTP authentication.
  • Low balance alerts.
  • Easy to integrate.
  • Auto Refunds.
  • Wrong Operator Detection(Auto Failed).
  • No debit for Failed txn.
  • Ledger available for each accounts.
  • Txn Reports can be download in XLS/CSV format.
  • Balance available 20 hours a day, even in holidays.
  • Support available via Online chat, Mail, Call, Whatsapp or Hangouts.
  • Bill Fetch API available for Electricity Billers(BBPS).
  • Dispute Raise API Available to raise a dispute without giving login access to your executives.

Use Cases for API –

  • To generate footfall into your website you can use “Mobile Recharge API”.
  • To earn extra commission, you can integrate Online Mobile Recharge API.
  • Want to give a loyalty points to your customers as credits, use our “Multi Recharge API” & earn from it too.
  • Want to start a E-Commerce website, you can implement “Recharge API”.
  • If you want to pay employee bills, integrate our API into your software to make multiple bills.
  • Even if you are a student, you can earn from here it too, just call us for info.

Recharge api integration is very simple and single url based where you integrate to any platform. We Provide best in class for Recharge api integration and available for 24*7 Call/Chat support. We do provide IP whitelist so transaction will be happen only through IP approve thus it is safe too.