Virtual Wallet Systems Private Limited has taken a step forward in the field of Financial Inclusion through its revolutionary IMwalleT Micro ATM. With the help of our Micro ATM, you can deliver basic banking services like withdrawing cash, balance enquiry, and much more. mATMs are a mini version of an ATM and come packed with features like point of sales (POS), connecting banking networks through Bluetooth for carrying bank-related transactions. 

What is a Micro ATM?

A Micro ATM is a handheld device that is designed to cater the needs of people living in underprivileged areas where banking and financial services haven't reached as of now. With IMwalleT Micro ATM, our super merchants/ channel partners can offer various banking transactions - withdraw cash, check your balance, etc. Thus, you'll be able to deliver digital services to your customers. With this, you will earn commission, enable more customers' footfall in your shop to grow your business.

You'll get several benefits like

  • Earn commission based on services and transactions.
  • Accept payments via Debit Cards.
  • Improve your customer footfalls.

Who can use IMwalleT Micro ATM?

IMwalleT Micro ATM caters to 

  • Local Kirana stores
  • Local Establishments - stationery shop, photostat shop 
  • Any Retailer having Banking Services
  • Local CSC/CSP’s Center

With this Micro ATM device, you can:

  • Convert your shop into an ATM booth
  • Get a low-cost ATM, the best option for the current ATM
  • Use this Portable device in many ways
  • Set up and carry your ATM Services anywhere
  • Interoperate this device and use it for any banks
  • Help people of your area, especially in a rural area
  • Contribute to solving the economical issue for the people in a remote location

Why Choose IMwalleT Micro ATM?

  • Cutting-edge technology for smooth and efficient transactions every time.
  • User-friendly interface to guide you through each transaction seamlessly.
  • Robust Support for your satisfaction.
  • Affordability so that your customers  access banking services without a hefty price tag.

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